A student shares about VTA


This year Yorktown’s Theatre Department presented its play “The Widow Ranter” at the Virginia Theatre Association (VTA). It was held in Reston with many other schools participating. There were about 4000 students, and even though we were not able to see all of the shows, it was really fun watching shows we did get to see. There were workshops during the day where we got to learn and make many friends. I think one of the best parts of VTA was making those friends. Everyone around could relate and had the same interests! It was amazing! These shows were well done and enjoyable. I liked the atmosphere at VTA. Everyone was friendly; it felt safe, and people were just as crazy as we are. Not only did we get to make new friends from other schools, but I was able to make new friends from my own school. Before going to VTA, I did not know all of the seniors, and some of them I knew of, but I was not close with. I think that everyone got closer to each other throughout the process, even people that were close before. The rooming arrangements helped as well, as we were not rooming with people whom we knew well.

We were given a lot of freedom at VTA. There were guidelines, but there wasn’t a specific schedule (unless it was the day of our show) that we had to follow. We were told that we had to see at least 2 shows and take part in at least 2 workshops. I think that most of us went beyond the requirement. The other requirements were that you always had a buddy with you, and that the curfew to be in the hotel was 11 PM. It was easy to go outside and eat. We were not required to eat at a specific place all together at a certain time. You could go with a friend to any restaurant you liked in the area and come back before 11. There was a good balance of responsibility distributed to the students.

I really enjoyed going to VTA. I know that everyone else did too. It was a good memory and experience for all of us. I would recommend that people go to VTA next year when they have the chance, because it is an awesome opportunity. Seniors can also audition at VTA for different colleges. It kind of puts you out into the playing field, and catches the eye of college reps. So that is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss! So many of us were so happy with our experience and are definitely looking forward to doing it again next year!

Elina Kent
Theatre III Student