Yorktown Theatre Program Curriculum


We offer a four-year theatre arts curriculum and an after-school technical theatre club.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts I is an introductory year where students build a foundation in team work, ensemble acting, voice, movement, choral readings, improvisation, scene study, character analysis, and monologues. The class establishes a nurturing environment where students can take creative risks without fear of judgment.

Theatre Arts II is a skills-development course where students learn about acting, characterization, auditioning, playwriting, directing and self-development. As a culminating project, students write, stage and act in a five-minute “opposite character” monologue. The class also produces a contemporary American play with accessible content and text. Recent productions include: Play the Hand that’s Dealt, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors, Perfect, Check Please, Cut, Cave Dreams, This is a Test, Curtain Call to Arms, and Candid Shots.

Theatre Arts III is a skills-enhancement year dedicated to advanced acting techniques, directing and further self-development. Techniques include: Hagen, Meisner, John Converse, Viewpoints and Laban’s Efforts exercises, Neutral/Character Mask work, and voice production. As a culminating project, students write, stage, and act in a ten-minute theatrical piece on a topic they feel passionate about.

Theatre Arts IV is a performance year where students apply knowledge from preceding theatre courses to develop an original 30-minute One Person Show based on an historical or literary character. Each student researches and writes a script, designs sets and properties, and produces and performs their piece. Selected fourth-year students may apply to pursue an Independent Study in an area of special interest such as directing, playwriting, stage management, or theatre education. Watch the 2015 One Person Show promo »

Technical theatre

After-school Tech Club enables students to learn technical theatre skills and provide technical support for a variety of school theatrical events.

Technical Theatre I is an introductory course that offers an overview of lighting, set construction, costuming, makeup, properties, publicity and stage management. Students are encouraged to select at least three of these areas to focus on. Working as a team, students analyze plays to understand conceptual design. Students also provide technical support for a variety of school theatrical events. (Not available 2017-18)

Technical Theatre II & III build on the theatre production knowledge gained the first year. Students tackle more complex theatrical design concepts, assume responsibility for at least one area of production, and provide technical leadership and management during all school productions. (Not available 2017-18)