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When they told me “This isn’t your mother’s Oz”, I was skeptical. How different could it be? The Wizard of Oz is The Wizard of Oz, right? The staging of The Wizard of Oz last spring by Yorktown’s Performing Arts department (Director Carol Cadby, Music Program Director Brian Bersh, Choral Director Roger Oliver, Technical Director […]

Not sure what you may have gotten out of your child concerning his/her experience over the VTA weekend – (if it was anything like Devon it wasn’t much, because he was exhausted). First off – I can’t say enough about Carol Cadby, Mabia Broderick and Tom Mallan and their organization, support, leadership and willingness to […]

This year Yorktown’s Theatre Department presented its play “The Widow Ranter” at the Virginia Theatre Association (VTA). It was held in Reston with many other schools participating. There were about 4000 students, and even though we were not able to see all of the shows, it was really fun watching shows we did get to […]

We are on the bus back to Arlington after an amazing, eye-opening, inspirational (and exhausting!) weekend at the Virginia Theatre Association’s (VTA) annual conference, this year in Norfolk. I encourage you to get your kid’s view on the conference. Ask them about their experience; ask them about the other shows, and ask them about the […]