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Yorktown High School Theatre Arts Department presents…

2019 One Person Shows

The Theatre IV One Person Shows are the culmination of the four-year Yorktown Theatre Program. Each Theatre IV student chooses a literary, fictional or historical character and then writes, stages, directs, and acts in a 30-minute show about that character.  These impressive shows are free and take place in the Black Box.

Performance Schedule:

In-School Performances: March 19-21

One Person Show Marathon: March 23, 2-10 pm

2:00 pm Amelia Emory
Carrie Fisher, actress and writer, On the Spot (Light)
Carrie looks back on her life and sees the way things truly happened, and what led her to this point.

2:40 pm  Maria McGlone
Gloria Steinem, journalist and early feminist, A Bunny’s Tale
A young woman struggles to write an article as she works to understand the perspectives of
women working at a Playboy Club in the 1960s.

3:20 pm  Mila Fox
Fred Rogers, from Mister Rogers Neighborhood, 143
Fred Rogers reflects on his own youth and how he learned to spread the universal love that later made him a childhood icon for so many.

4:00 pm  Luis Lopez-Leyva
Tommy Wiseau, actor & filmmaker, This is Your Planet
Society fails to understand Tommy, a perplexing and mysterious man, who seems to have come out of nowhere. Thus, he must think of another  strategy to keep a pact with his best friend and to follow his aspirations.

4:40 – 4:50 pm Intermission & Reception

4:50 pm  Kevin Cabral
Ben Solo, powerful wielder of the Force, from Star Wars, Balance
Solo and his young apprentice, Shara, uncover a journal surrounded by a dark and looming aura.  What lies within the folds of the pages are unexpected lessons and revelations for both the master and the apprentice . . .

5:30 pm  Ava Peabody
Hillary Clinton, politician, Dear Chelsea
In an attempt to resolve a conflict between them, Hillary writes her daughter Chelsea a letter, revisiting her own college years and her identification of her beliefs.

6:10 pm  Camille Pivetta
Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan, The Sound of Silence
In an act of desperation, Tinkerbell leaves Neverland to seek help from a real world
therapist. Her only obstacle to telling the truth is that she cannot speak.

6:50 pm  Jade Northover
The Joker, from the Batman movie The Dark Knight, Chaos
In order to get people to understand his reasons for committing crimes, The Joker is given a psychological evaluation. During the discussion, The Joker shares his life experiences with Dr. Quinn in order to tell his side of the story.

7:30 – 7:40 pm Intermission & Reception

7:40 pm  Orion Bress
Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star TrekMr. Roddenberry is….
He’s a pilot, LAPD Lieutenant, political activist, philosopher, and TV screenwriter, producer, and creator of Star Trek. In 1991, Roddenberry goes on one last adventure to explore the Final Frontier that is the human condition.

8:20 pm  Midge Costello
Ms. Frizzle, from The Magic School BusSeatbelts Everyone!
Do you hate school? Well, Ms. Frizzle is back and ready to change that.

9:00 pm  Lydia Hecmanczuk
Kim Possible, Superhero, What’s the Sitch?
Kim Possible is one of the greatest superheroes of all time . . . but how did she become one in the first place? No matter where or when there is trouble, if you just call her name, she will be  there.

9:40 – 10:00 pm All Theatre IV Students:  Question and Answer Session & Reception

Please stay to hear from the Theatre IV students about their experiences developing and performing their One Person Shows!