One Person Shows


Attention Audiences!

Check out the One Person Show Marathon Program and plan to attend as many of these shows as you can!

Yorktown High School Theatre Arts Department presents…

2017 One Person Shows

Each Theatre IV student has researched, written, directed, produced and will be acting in their own show. Each piece is approximately 30 minutes long and is based on a historical or literary character. These must-see original shows are an amazing testament to the Yorktown Theatre program. They are astounding! All performances are free of charge.

Location:  Black Box Theatre

Performance Schedule:  (PDF version)

Thursday, March 9

6:30 pm Elizabeth Woolford as Rachel Carson: environmentalist (A Spring from Silence)

7:10 pm Annie Kellogg as Sirius Black: “Harry Potter” (Family Ties?)

7:50 pm Lucas Sellem as Billy Bean: “Moneyball” (The Aftermath of Billy Bean)

8:30 pm Maya Ewart as Valentín: “Valentín” (Space Boy)

Friday, March 10

5:00 pm Sean Bailey as Charlie Kelmeckis: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (Love Always, Charlie)

5:40 pm Nicole Ardaiz as Connie Maheswaran: “Steven Universe” (How To Be A Hero)

6:20 pm Maddy Wade as Rosalind Franklin: chemist (The Life of a Woman in Science)

7:00 pm Jonathan Teklea as Castiel: “Supernatural” (Two Minutes to Midnight)

8:00 pm Maggie Kinnett as Jane Bennet: “Pride and Prejudice” (A Trip to London)

8:40 pm Rebecca O’Keeffe as Dr. Jack Kevorkian: euthanasia activist (The End is a Beginning)

9:20 pm Alex Flood as Calvin: “Calvin & Hobbes” (A day in the life of a Cartoon)

Saturday, March 11

11:00 am Zack Youcha as Eduard Limonov: Russian poet (Play in Perception)

11:40 am Peter Funk as Heinrich Willenrock: “Das Boot” (The Boat)

12:20 pm Barbara Ellis as Rick Sanchez: “Rick & Morty” TV show (Love and Other Crippling Drugs)

1:00 pm Paige Little as Astrid: “Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls V” (Vengeance is Deadly)

1:50 pm Josh Witten as Mark Watney: “The Martian” (Through Ingenuity we Prevail)

2:30 pm Defne Tunceli as Sezen Aksu: Turkish pop music singer (Serce/Sparrow)

3:10 pm Lily Gehrenbeck as Carrie Fisher: actress and writer (Ponderings of a Princess)

3:50 pm Ella Webster as Nancy Drew: fictional detective (The Secret in the Old File)

4:40 pm Allie McGlone as Zelda Fitzgerald: socialite and novelist (Beautiful and Damned)

5:20 pm Casey Attallah as Chris Kyle: “American Sniper” (The Real American Sniper)

6:00 pm Patrick Salsburg as Tycho Brahe: astronomer (Chronicler of the Cosmos)

6:40 pm Abby Hendricks as Emily Dickinson: author (My Life Stood Still, A Loaded Gun)

7:40 pm Erin Sweeney as Cordelia: “King Lear” (The Choice of Loyalty)

8:20 pm Michael Finn as Jerry Garcia: The Grateful Dead (Life Seldom Turns Out The Way It Does In A Song)

9:00 pm Amelia Johnston as Amelia Earhart: aviation pioneer ( Adventure!)