Original Radio Drama Festival

The First Original Radio Drama Festival

Brought to you by Yorktown’s Literary Magazine, Theatre Arts III class, and the Technical Theatre Club

Free Admission!

Tuesday, December 20 at 7 pm in the Yorktown Black Box

The radio dramas you will experience are based on old time radio shows, which used “Foley Sounds” — sound effects that were created on the spot using whatever means necessary to re-create the desired sound. Back in the days of no HDTV (gasp!), people gathered around radios to hear news and listen to adventure, comedy, and dramatic serials being acted out. We will be recreating this type of old time radio dramas, based on scripts written by Lit Mag students, so that you can not only hear the sound effects, but actually see them being created.

Don’t miss Yorktown’s first Original Radio Drama Festival!

radiodrama4  radiodrama8 radiodrama6 radiodrama2