Community outreach example: Peter Pan

Peter Pan is one example of YHS Theatre’s Outreach program.

In April 2008, a cast and orchestra of 40 students traveled to Key and McKinley Elementary Schools and performed four selections for an attentive assembly of approximately 400 Kindergarten through 5th grade students. After the presentations, students explained the the show’s concept, rehearsals, staging, and technical aspects during a question and answer session.

Later that month, YHS hosted a free morning performance of Peter Pan for students from Gunston, Swanson, and Williamsburg Middle Schools. The 400 students bused to Yorktown were entertained by the music, choreography, acting, puppets, lighting, staging and special effects of the show. This performance was followed by a similar question and answer session.

We hope that all of these performances inspired students to participate in the performing arts in some way: on stage, behind stage, in the pit, or in the audience.